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30 June 2019 @ 09:43 am
Thank you handmaids tale. I had no idea that cruel to be kind as nick Lowe song

The version i knew from 10 thing i hate about you

14 March 2019 @ 09:45 pm
After bo rhap i've decided to do a favourite queen songs/videos

Ive want to break free

Many people think this about Freddie, in fact written by John Deacon and the video concept of the coronation street characters was Roger's wife's idea. Huge hit in Europe banned by american MTV and failed over the pond.

Somebody to love

Written by Freddie.

Save me

Written by Brian may

The most famous bass riff ever, written by, bass player, John Deacon

Play the game Written by Freddie Mercury,

Seven seas of rhye- 6their first single, i think. Used to be on on my parents mix tape for car journeys, written by Freddie.

Killer Queen- first hit, told they couldn't play live only mime to a backing track, Top of the pops, they look so bored, it hilarous, especially Roger.

Love of my life- Freddie wrote for Mary Austin

John Deacon wrote this for his wife, they Married in 1973 and according to their sons instagram are still together. Her retired soon after Freddies death and looked after their 6 kids, but he still has to apporve everything,

and for a Roger song, It was this or Radio gaga.

I left off the obvious ones, we will rock you, we are the champions etc.. and could add many more, Brighton Rock should be on the list as well as '39 and tie your mother down " take your little brother swimming with a brick".
07 March 2019 @ 09:19 pm

Bo rhap vs the real live aid to see how well they redid it.

Darren criss on lip synch battle
21 January 2019 @ 10:10 pm

Curious for endgame now.Is Iron man dead? He doesn't seem upset when Flash mentions him? he's already got a passport- he went to Germany to fight Captain America in civil war. Its valid for ten years. Is this another Peter Parker? Have they changed time in endgame and civil war now doesn't happen? Aunt may knows he's spiderman and is happy? Why change dickwad to loser in the international trailer??
03 November 2018 @ 07:13 pm
I want to recommend 2 movies i saw recently.

Black Klanssman

Based on a true story. Int he 70s a black police officer did infiltrate the KKK and speak to the grand wizard and they did send a white Jewish cop in his place to the meetings. If someone made this up you wouldn't believe it. Obviously bits are changed to make it more cinematic, but you can read the book of the same title for the reality.

Bohemiam rhapsody

The story of queen/Freddie Mercury. There's a 20 minute recreation of the Live Aid concert at the end which is phenomenal.
18 September 2018 @ 05:07 am
Darren won the emmy !!!!!!!

27 August 2018 @ 06:23 pm

High Hopes- Panic! at the disco

Kodaline- Head held high
03 June 2018 @ 04:21 pm
What i'm listening to:

Tv recomendations:

Evil genius on Netflix

Handmaids tale ( i just watched season one in a weekend. So good!!!)

Castle rock starts in July.

and, if you have time, The alienest on netflix. Daniel bruhl is so good, as always.

13 April 2018 @ 04:42 am

Frank turner- Make America great again

Well I know I'm just an ignorant Englishman
But I'd like to make America great again
So if you'd forget my accent and the cheek of it
Here's some suggestions from the special relationship

Let's make America great again
By making racists ashamed again
Let's make compassion in fashion again
Let's make America great again

Well I've been fortunate to go round the continent
From California through the Midwest and Providence
And I mostly only encounter common sense
Hospitality and warmth from Americans
But I wish it was a bit less significant
The program and the name of the president
Because it seems to me the truth is self evident
You fought our king to be independent

Make America great again
By making racists ashamed again
Let's make compassion in fashion again
Let's make America great again

Ellis Island take me in
Everyone can start again
In the shining city on the hill
Where nobody can be illegal

Let's make America great again
By making racists ashamed again
Let's make compassion in fashion again
Let's make America great again
Let's be a friend to our oldest friends
And call them out when they're faltering
Remind them of their best selves and then
We'll make America great again

Tom holland on lip sync battle wins every time!

Honest trailer for greatest showman. So funny.
11 March 2018 @ 08:19 am
Books i'm reading:

Vulgar favours-Maureen Orth

The story of Andrew Cunnan. Now made into a TV series. Many things the Versace family dispute . Was Gianni HIV positive? Did Andrew and Gianni meet before? Did Andrew know Lee Miglin?

My next book is the Gilded Years by Karin Tanabe

The story is based on the real life story of Anita Hemmings who was white passing and in the 1890s got into Vassar and only told the college about her heritage
Just before or after graduation and they let her graduate. Her and Husband always called themselves white.
Apparently there's a movie with Reece Witherspoon to produce and Zendaya to star and co-produce.


This is Anita Hemmings